Music is everything

14/04/2023 Milano , Italy- Trio 2 Flutes and Piano with Dessislava Peteva and Albena Petrovic- Vratchanska

26/03/2023 DKMF Festival ,Luxembourg -Trio Flute,Clarinet -Olivier Dartevelle and Organ -Stefanie Duprel

18/12/2022 Concert at International New Year,s Festival Sofia , Bulgaria - Trio -Flute, Clarinet and Piano -Eugenia Radoslava and Luca Pelanda

20/11/2022 Reinsberg,Austria-Concert as Soloist of Chamberorchestra Scheibbs,Dir.Judith Mc Gregor

19/11/2022 Melk Abbey (Austria ) Concert as Soloist of Chamberorchestra Scheibbs, Dir. Judith Mc Gregor

26/07/2022 Concert Poetry - with Ivelina Radionova and Music in Tsarevo, Bulgaria

22/06/2022 CD Presentation Concert with Eugenia Radoslavova and Luca Pelanda- Vienna, Altes Rathaus

Concert Poetry - with Nedyalko Yordanov and Music in Tsarevo, Bulgaria

22/06/2021 CD Presentation in Bulgaria- Concert at the International Festival Sofia Music weeks

04/06/2021 CD Release Concert from the new cd Ways, Philharmonie Luxemburg

07/05/2019 Concert with orchestra of the Opera of Stara Zagora 45 Anniversary of NUMTI

06/05/2019 Concert Duo Flute, Piano (with Veneta Yankova )-45 Anniversary NUMTI Stara Zagora

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